We were so thrilled this week to discover style blogger The Hybrid Gent's excellent and much appreciated shout out to P&G!

The Little Rock, Arkansas based writer and philanthropist, also known as Joshua Price, used not one, but three(!) of our pastel suits in his 'Shift Your Style into Spring' guest blog post on invitingarkanas.com. The piece has turned out to be one of the site's most popular posts, with 1000+ shares!

What Joshua's showing here is a playful but masterful use of color. Pay attention gentlemen. This is exactly the kind of boldness that can really make a guy stand out for Spring 2017. Pastels are the defacto pallet of the season and a must-have for any stylish guy wanting to dress up before Summer makes it nearly impossible! 

"...from Easter Sunday, to Mother’s Day, to the start of wedding season [...] navigate Springtime in style and your colorful wardrobe may even give Mother Nature a run for her money."


Thanks so much Joshua, we appreciate your style and enthusiasm and we can't wait to see what you come up with next! Images courtesy of Wendy Kelley Photography